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Hajime Mitsuru
Mystical Child of Nature's Heart








Looks 11 ( Actually over 200 years old )






Original Character





About 200 years ago in a town about a day's travel away from Gensokyo, there lived a girl named Hajime Mitsuru. Hajime had been spirited away by Oni who had captured her and several other children whom they heard had been causing trouble. She had always been somewhat of a brat, but she never believed those stories her parents told her about mischievous children being carried away by Oni, a mistake she would never forget. She was among the few that had managed to escape during an argument that broke out when one Oni had accused another of cheating on a bet ( the subsequent brawl had caused massive rock slides near Youkai Mountain for several weeks ). She had taken shelter in the forest of magic for a while before being found by a Youkai Magician who had promised to keep her safe from the other Youkai there in exchange for helping her test out some of her potions. Being young ( only 9 years old at the time ) and naive at the time she readily accepted her offer, figuring it was better than taking her chances in the forest and getting eaten. By the power of dumb luck, Hajime didn't suffer any permanent side effects from the potions she drank...except for one. A potion that was supposed to grant someone immeasurable strength had instead caused her to age at a much slower rate, one year for every century that passed. Unfortunately by the time it was discovered that she wasn't aging at the normal rate of a human the Youkai Magician had long since forgotten which potion had caused this effect, though the Magician had figured with her extended lifespan she'd make a better apprentice than she would a test subject. So Hajime had spent the long stretch of years studying magic. Thanks to the potion's effects she could skip the process of learning Shashoku [literally, "abandoning food"] magic and get directly into other types of magic. She developed a strong aptitude for nature related magic and started feeling more at home in the forest than inside the Youkai Magician's home. These days her apprenticeship is nearly at a close and she only sticks around her mentor's house now and again to help her transcribe old and worn out magical texts into new tomes. She usually spends her days deep in the Forest of Magic or the Youkai Forest, speaking and hanging out with the various plants, animals and nature spirits and youkai while working on a number of different experiments to increase her power.


Hajime is a spirited young girl: Playful, energenic and just plain childish most of the time. She's curious about anything that catches her eye, sometimes getting herself into hot water because she has to find out everything she can about whatever person, place or object has her undivided attention. Despite her curiosity she isn't always the outgoing type. She's terribly skittish around strangers and prefers to watch them from a distance if it is somebody she's never seen before. Her affinity with nature magic has made her somewhat of a Wild Child, her social skills aren't all that refined among most people, she lives off the land and sleeps out in the middle of the woods instead of living in any sort of dwelling ( though she's been wanting her own home for quite some time, not because she feels she needs a better shelter but because she sees it as a status symbol for a magician to have some kind of home to live in, currently having to store all her stuff in her mentor's home ). While many nature aligned creatures do recognize her as a friend one would hardly call her at one with nature. She tends to test the bounds of their friendship with whatever crazy plot she cooks up in order to gain more power for herself, but she never takes these pursuits so far as to cause them to feel any major animosity towards her. Even after all these years she still loves to get into mischief and use her magic to give others a scare or to play practical jokes ( which is why she's always been quite popular with fairies ) and she'll have a tendency to throw a temper tantrum when things don't go her way. In a battle she loves using her surroundings to get whatever tactical advantage she can muster. She uses her nature based magic to this end and can sometimes achieve some devastating effects, "If you can control the terrain you can control the course of the battle." is a often heard quote from her. She still holds a grudge against the Oni for being kidnapped at a young age and part of why she looks to increase her power is so she can get to a point where she can cause them to feel as much fear for her as she did for them all those years ago. Unfortunately she hasn't entirely gotten over her fear of them and is not even able to stand in the presence of one without wanting to run and hide.


Hijime's powers are divided into three distinct categories. First off is her talent to enchant different flora and imbue them with magical effects much like the concentrated magical aura in the Forest of Magic does to the various plants that grow there, she can also use this to temporary turn plants and mushrooms into lesser Youkai ( non-human looking types ). She has an innate ability from her nature based magic to identify what sort of enchantment each type of plant will hold and thus is able to know what sort of potions and concoctions can be made from them. This has increased her mentor's potion making research by leaps and bounds since she can immediately find whatever herbal ingredients are needed for any given effect, though her accuracy in determining the potion's effect once it's brewed decreases the more non-flora ingredients are used. Her second ability allows her to communicate and call for aid among nature aligned creatures. Common Plants, Birds and Animals, lesser nature spirits ( kedama and small fairies ) as well as lesser Beast and Plant Youkai who haven't gained a human looking form will heed the call. Those who are attached to much stronger entities usually require a contest of wills to manipulate. This ability uses the hollow section of her magic staff upon which she plays a tune on in order to bring these creatures under her control. She often uses this in conjunction with her ability to create temporary lesser plant/mushroom youkai and coordinate them in battle. Her third ability is a form of limited shape shifting she uses to hide herself. She can turn herself into a rock, a bush, a tree or a small pool of water. While she's rendered sightless in this form she can sense how close somebody is, non-living things ( especially golems, ghosts and poltergeists ) she can't detect though.


Hajime's spellcards are usually based on botanical life and the summoning of fairies to help setup elaborate danmaku patterns. She'll use flower petals, projectile thorns, lasers racing across a network of vines held aloft by many Kedama plus other plant related attacks.







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