Fukushi Hantai

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Fukushi Hantai
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Vanity in Blissful Ignorance











Distortion of Surroundings


Original Character



Fukushi Hantai was born when a vain noble woman fell in love with herself in the mirror. Spending too much time in front of it, she began to grow insane and began speaking to the mirror, naming it affectionately for the fact it wasn't the best of mirrors and was a bit concave, distorting her appearance. It was a gift, though, so she kept it and cherished it. After the death of the noble woman, her belongings were ransacked and in the commotion, Hantai was taken into Gensokyo, where her spirit was able to physically manifest. In the time since she came to Gensokyo, the young woman has been staying away and out of civilization, occasionally entering the Human Village to try and steal pretty clothing for herself as well as supplies for vanity purposes(makeups and the likes).


Hantai is largely quite simple in her personality. There isn't much there other than Vanity. Vanity, and naivety.

Hantai, despite being extremely vain, is rather naive as to what the -purpose- of this 'beauty' is actually for. Having never been given the chance to explore what beauty is useful for, only knowing that it is 'desired', and should be obtained, there isn't much else in life that she DOES know about. She could certainly tell one just how to comb their hair(to look what she believes is beautiful), wear their clothes, how to posture and smile and even how to apply makeup... but she's not bright or knowledgeable enough to -edit- that to everyone. Thus, she can only 'reflect' what she knows.

Thanks to the fact that she is a Youkai formed from a mirror, the mirror of an extremely vain woman, the Youkai wound up only knowing what was there with her owner. Seeing her owner primp and prune every day all day just to get that perfect look left her with much the same desire. Unfortunately for her... it's hard to look 'pretty' when the body you have doesn't really match what you're trying to do with it. Her attempts largely fail and give her something of a clownish look as she tries to make her 'cuteness' into an 'adulterated beauty', her clothes(almost always some extravagant kimono) are usually baggy, tied as if she actually had features to show off, as well as are cut for someone that she just isn't.

Ability: Interestingly enough, Hantai could possibly be one of the more powerful Youkai's around, in raw technique and ability. That, however, will never come to fruition in any amount given she's nearly incapable of actually -using- Danmaku and the likes. As she was distorted while a mirror, Hantai came to fruition with her vision distorted. Not only did she have double vision, but she was Dislexic. That is the main reason why she's almost useless in a Danmaku fight. Because all of her spell cards, cut down the center, are on the opposite sides. For instance, if she had a circular spell card that had a O shape, it might look like a )( instead. Thus... for the most part, she's almost always entirely open from the front. God forbid you try to come in from the sides, though...

Power: Her personal power would be the distortion of the world around her. As she's a mirror, she does have to reflect what is there... but given she was more of a distorted mirror, it's never the same. Not quite an illusory world so much as one that reflects truths that one doesn't know, exaggerates things that normally aren't. This is typically done by creating moving versions of various objects that are distorted, characterized and blown out of proportion. To give an example, a distortion of a small girl with a large chest would wind up as some little thing with a tiny body and obnoxiously large breasts, even surpassing tasteful unreal purposes. Those sort of things you see in Carnival mirrors, for instance.

Weapon: Hantai's weapon is her glasses! No, seriously... her glasses change into a gigantic segmented whip-like thing that she can whack people with if they piss her off.







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