Flandre Scarlet

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Flandre Scarlet
Diabolic Wave












Ability to Destroy


Embodiment of Scarlet Devil


U.N. Owen Was Her?


6 (Extra Boss)




Flandre is, to all extents and purposes, the hidden away perpetual child locked away inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion's basement, under magic seal and tempered rare metals. In truth, she could break free of these bonds, but has not, due to her respect for her sister, Remilia, who had ordered her to stay there until she could learn how not to destroy. For 495 years she has been there with only books and toys to play with, and only brief bouts of yearning leading her to escape from her imposed exile from the world. Most attempts were rather harshly put down with rain spells from the resident magician, Patchouli Knowledge, and finally subdued after her rampage tires out. And so (un)life continued across the long years - barely noticing the outside world had changed as the Scarlet Devil Mansion was moved to Gensokyo - until finally she was shaken out of her routine by an assault on the mansion. Staying in her room while something - someone - fought and shattered the house above, through the wards and the warped space and the inhabitants. She stayed there as it all went silent, waiting furiously. And only later learned that there were visitors, and that they had defeated even her sister! And so, she decided to go out in full force to see what else the world might hold, that it had brought forth such powerful forces to defeat Remilia's schemes. As luck would have it, they came back. And Flandre, for the first time, knew defeat at the hands of Reimu and Marisa. And was entranced by it, by them... Nowadays, she seems to have learned a bit that violence cannot solve all problems, and so is sometimes allowed out of the mansion by Remilia - or when she manages to sneak out!


Usually slightly off for many strangers - A bit TOO cheerful, TOO happy, TOO energetic. But that's an unfair bias. Flandre Scarlet truly, dearly have most people's well being in her mind, because playthings are important that if they are accidentally broken, even once... Flandre would have one less plaything to play around with. Flandre's personality, once she's interacting with someone beyond mere Playmate level, is a sweet, kind, almost angelic girl that likes to share things, and have fun together.

Over the past couple years, Flandre had met a few people and becoming more socially active, but she's still prone to occasional bout of social disorder, which can range anywhere from wanting to stay underneath the basement and play with her toys, to burst of violence and danmaku, to having bratty, childish fits and being demanding for something to be done her way. Thankfully, those moments are somewhat rare...

On most encounter, Flandre will want to play something and engage in a game of danmaku with almost anyone, unless convinced otherwise. This may be considered as being headstrong for certain people, or boorish. However, rest in comfort that Flandre means well, and merely wishes to play.







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