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Esembria Roetcleit
Acquisitive Hellion of the 10,000 Eyes






700 (Approximate)




Ability to locate and steal items. This includes both hidden objects and ideas. So long as the target has some value (even if only to one person), it can be stolen.


Original Character


Shadow Tag (Main Theme)

Purple Moon (Stage)

Don't Be Afraid (Boss)

Notice! (Lunatic Mode)


5 (Final Boss)


Height:150cm, B:79cm W:56cm H:75cm


High (Check Pockets Often)


Esembria was born from a thieving youth who had no compassion for any person so long as she can steal what she wanted and needed. Eventually she would be at death's door, only to meet a Dodomeki in her final moments. With this mysterious woman's power she would be "reborn" into a youkai, a cursed Dodomeki enveloped in the throes of avarice. For the next century she would keep up the life of a regular pickpocket youkai until meeting a foreigner named Roetcleit. Thanks to him and several generations of travelers, the Dodomeki eventually took up the name Esembria Roetcleit as she became self aware and even gained intelligence. From there she would eventually go on a long journey across Japan before ending up in Gensokyo. Nowadays, she lives a simple life of stealing precious and valuable items and keeping them as souvenirs of her life.

Name: Esembria Roetcleit (エッセムブリア ロートクラィト)

Kanji: 影 毒金属 (かげ どくがね)

Despite her name's creative writing -- which reads the kanji "Kage" as "Esembria" and the kanji for "Doku" and "Okane" as "Roetcleit" -- she is a fully Japanese youkai who simply has a passion for the western world. As of the present she is merely a wandering youkai that pickpockets humans and other denizens of Gensokyo. But her history precedes the Hakurai Border, detailing a long trek from Saikaido to Gensokyo. This story begins many years ago, during the 14th century...

While she technically is a true Dodomeki through and through, it must be noted that one of her kind can only be born from a human who was once a thief. As such, Esembria remembers the life of a young girl named Kinzoku Kageme who delighted in leaving her home to pick the pockets of people for extra money. While she did this out of amusement at first, she would later grow more and more filled with avariciousness. While she had to take care in not letting her family know of her thieving for a long time, the time eventually came where her family became impoverished by events of the time. In a way, she would become her family's lifeline. However, such a lifestyle would ultimately lead to her parents being punished for her crime.

Without her parents, one might think that young Kageme would suffer a bit of hardship. This was quite harshly not the case since she would continue to live alone for years, stealing what she needed and more. As far as anyone else knew, she was simply a beggar child. But thanks to her keen eye and swift hands, Kageme would continue to use thievery to carry on a life well into her teenage years. Eventually though her luck would run dry and she would try to steal from an official of the current shogunate. And just like that her young life would be threatened by the blade. Caught at last, she would be imprisoned and harshly carry on through her days as a pitiful youth. Yet even then she continued to steal from those around her. Guards, prisoners, and even her still locked away parents.

Nothing would stop her greed, which continued to grow with each success. Even if she was caught, beaten, or otherwise chastised... Kageme had become a demon overcome by avarice in her own right. Then came the sickness that would make her remember her humanity. In mere weeks, Kageme would fall ill with a local outbreak. Even though she was the first, may would follow the illness and succumb. When her parents died, Kageme finally gave in to her weakness...only to be confronted by an cloaked woman. Within the dark cell was a dark and frightening smile, one joined by the gaze of seemingly countless eyes. It was that very moment when she allowed her body to have the youkai's eyes be planted into her body, impregnated by the sublime poison that was a demon's existence.

That was when the old died, and from her humanoid shell came a new being. Yet despite it being a resurrection of sorts, the new form was just as greedy and lustful for the life of a pickpocket. Even though it had the memories of a former human's life, this cloaked being was no longer Kinzoku Kageme. Instead she was something more. One of the youkai of the 10,000 eyes, a Dodomeki. And just as she had been a thief, she would continue to take pleasure in stealing. Even though humans were now potential food, her nature still told her to steal coins and possessions. This cursed existence would carry on for next hundred years before she met the man with blue eyes.

A man from the west named Roetcleit crossed her path. Even though she would glare at him with her many eyes, he showed no fear. And while he may have been one foreigner with courage greater than her potential horror in a sea of cowards, his unflinching gaze made her begin to adore everything he represented. In the short months she knew him, the youkai would hear plenty about the west. What made her most happy was the chance to hear about its unique clothing. Even when he left for home some seasons later, the Dodomeki would feel a great love for the land beyond. And so for many years she would wait for more ships to come, befriending many foreigners and learning much of their lifestyle from their languages to their fashions. Once she was able to learn how to make their dresses herself, the youkai would make a pact...

She would be more than just a mere youkai living day by day in an everlasting search for treasures alone... A new youkai striving to imitate a far off land she knew little about. This even went to the point were she would give herself a new name. Taking the "Gold" from her surname and the "Shadow" from her given name, she would grant herself a title with her newfound self awareness. By adding a simple "Poison" to the mix, she was able to create a name befitting someone who longed for the western world. From that point on she would be known as Esembria Roetcleit. A Pickpocket Youkai with the pride of someone from the west and a name to go with her very nature of being a thief. With this she would eventually be entitled the Acquisitive Hellion of the 10,000 Eyes.

Time went on by as Esembria finally abandoned the shore and traveled inland for greater profits, eventually learning her trademark power to see all that was hidden and to instantly make it hers. The many valuables and useless trinkets she found amusing were a sort of raison d'être. Souvenirs of her travels. And the time would eventually come -- after seeing much war and peace through her travels -- that she would find the land known as Gensokyo. Feeling that the land was an ideal one, she finally took rest as a resident for the next two centuries. In the first she gradually became aware of the danger she was in as a youkai, accepting the creation of the border gladly. It was the next century that would be the greatest change in her life.

The life of a caged bird was not what Esembria thought of the new land. As it was considered a Paradise, so it was how she looked upon Gensokyo. Her everyday life would be nothing more than fun times of stealing from and eating humans, the latter of which became a scarce delicacy with time. But her love for the now even more distant west and her ever-growing collection of money and trinkets only strengthened overtime. That simple life carried on even up to the appearance of the current Hakurei miko. And so it continues into this very day where she watches the events around Gensokyo unfold time and again, keeping up her thievery with an unbreakable smile.


Esembria Roetcleit is a strange sort with regards to personality. On the outside she often seems like an energetic, often theatrical girl at times, but tends to retract into a shell of caution and suspicion at others. When it comes to discovering something she likes, be it a possession or idea, she becomes quite giddy. This goes to the point that she will use her power to steal from unsuspecting passersby with no warning. And of course, the youkai is not at all afraid to use her powers to steal great and petty treasures from those around her. Avarice is a great word to describe her. Aside from this, Esembria is inwardly a stern type that gets mad at little things, but quickly gets over her temper. Yet like all youkai she enjoys the chance to have a leisurely danmaku battle to pass the time. She has indulged in this hobby for so long that if she so decided upon it, Esembria could call herself an expert. And despite this fact, she very much enjoys the spellcard rules set by the Hakurei miko, letting her more freely vent out her inner desire to actually challenge opponents for the right to steal from them. Odd as it may be, this is another side of her character.


While her skills as a pickpocket are as grand as they were in the past, there is a key difference between now and then. This is the power of the Dodomeki to see anything that has been hidden away -- be it an object or idea -- and steal it from the owner. Using this she can see though buildings, people, clothes, and any other barrier that would hide money and treasure so long as there is something worth stealing. This goes a step further in that she can steal said object without actually touching it. This happens via a unique magic circle with an eerie multiple eye pattern appearing above, below, or around the owner, container, or structure that hides what she desires. It is from this that potentially thousands of invisible hands grabbing the object and pulling in into a temporary void so that Esembria may take it home. Smaller objects tend to be carried by hand if she so desires. The limit for mass and weight of stolen objects that she may obtain is unknown since she has little reason to steal anything much bigger than a human. The number of items she can carry is dependant on her remaining "eyes" -- which makes a grand total of 10,000. For each stolen object or idea, she has a single glowing orb floating near her body. These "eyes" have no sense of mass, as such for every coin she steals another one with begin to glow. This is a good reason for her to carry money like a regular person as people could easily notice she has their things. With regards to stealing the ideas of others, Esembria cannot erase the idea from the memory of another. As such if she starts employing the idea elsewhere it might be cause for alarm. It must be noted that to steal something, she must be in visual range of the owner, container, or structure concealing it from plain view. After all, her power revolves around her eyes.


Spell Card No.1[edit]

Vision Sign 「Colour of the Hidden Treasures」
Kanji: 視符 「隠宝の色」 Kana: しふ 「おんぼうのしょく」 Romanization: Shifu 「Onbou no Shoku」
Comment: With her eyes, Esembria can see all hidden treasures on one's person. Hidden objects even glow certain colours to reflect their value. If nothing is hidden, at the very least she can value the opponent.
Danmaku: Esembria sends a number of her eyes forth and scans for hidden objects. Once some items are found the eyes glow various colours to reflect those objects. The colours range from the deepest reds to the brightest purples. The less valuable the target's perspective, the more green there will be. As soon as the eyes change colour, a rain of glowing spheres will descend on the opponent. The more wealthy or valuable the opponent, the stronger this spell becomes.
Combat: A dozen of Esembria's eyes glow brightly (colours determined by the opponent) and fire off a barrage of bullets. If just one of the bullets hits, the item the eye was homing on will suddenly vanish mysteriously. Be careful though, even if something is stolen its sister bullets can still hit anyway!

Spell Card No.2[edit]

Pickpocket 「Two Eyes, Two Hands, and Ten Fingers」
Kanji: 掏摸 「二目二手十指」 Kana: すり 「にめにてじゅうゆび」 Romanization: Suri 「Nime Nite Jyuuyubi」
Comment: The eyes, hands, and fingers are magically projected and quickly seek out the opponent (and her valuables).
Danmaku: A pair of large white orbs approach the target, flashing brightly to disorient onlookers. Each time they flash, the white spheres gradually break down into clusters of white bullets. As the large orbs close in, they leave a large twin trail of slow-moving, helically arranged blue spheres. Immediately after manifesting, the blue orbs move into two arcs around the target. Each of these points then unleash a ten light blue homing lasers on the target. After the laser bombardment, the blue spheres explode into a rain of bullets and engulf the player like a pair of closing hands.
Combat: A long-range spell. Esembria glares at the opponent, using white light from her eyes to spot any weaknesses (i.e. freezing the opponent in place) before forming a spectral pair of giant, blue hands and reaching out to capture her opponent, attempting to crush the victim from both sides. If successful, spare change, shiny objects, and rare books will magically vanish.

Spell Card No.3[edit]

Three Thieves 「Spirit Shards of Lies and Deceit」
Kanji: 三盜 「嘘と欺の霊破片」 Kana: さんとう 「きょとこのりょうばへん」 Romanization: Santou 「Kyotoki no Ryoubahen」
Comment: All her deception becomes corporeal in the form of a trinity of avatars. If she calls these out, she really does not like you.
Danmaku: Three spirits manifest around her, each coloured with a shade of green. They are named Uso (Green), Fushou (Dark Green), and Azamu (Blue-green). These three spirits quickly circle around Esembria, all the while unleashing a rain of bullets, daggers, and arrows that match their colour. They also like to betray their master and steal from her as they attack. Large golden spheres are mixed with the others as the spirits celebrate their successful hoard. The more money Esembria has, the stronger this spell becomes.
Combat: Esembria manifests the three spirits Uso, Fushou, and Azamu. Uso dresses like a sailor (has a headband tied around her forehead) and wields a flintlock, Fushou dresses like a thief (has wrappings that cover her mouth and nose) and wields a pair of daggers. Azamu dresses like a dancer (has a hagoromo which wisps around without any wind) and wields a long bow. Once summoned, the three of them launch a short offensive on the target. As they do, stolen coins scatter here and there.

Spell Card No.4[edit]

Spell Card No.5[edit]

Spell Card No.6[edit]

Phantom Thief 「Like a Silent Night, Like a Graceful Feather」
Kanji: 怪盗 「静夜のように、雅羽のように」 Kana: かいとう 「せいやのように、みやはのように」 Romanization: Kaitou 「Seiya no Youni, Miyaha no Youni」
Comment: Her floating eyes can serve as invisible platforms that make no sound. Since they are fully tangible to her, she can seemingly rise into the air by jumping on nothing. Using this ability, she does not need to fly so long as she can keep making steps with her eyes. Following her is ill-advised for anyone but the most skillful lawkeepers.
Danmaku: Esembria becomes untouchable while she is moving between her invisible steps, leaving opponents with no choice but to evade until she stops to jump to the next one. Each time she steps on one of the platforms, it unleashes a wave of bullets. The main colours are purple and red, occasionally made quite dark if Esembria is especially sneaky. Once Esembria makes seven hikes, each of the seven eyes unleashes a dense burst of bullets. If Esembria dislikes the opponent considerably, she will unleash green dagger-type bullets as she jumps around. Be careful of cuts!
Combat: Just like in Danmaku form, Esembria jumps on seven of her eyes to turn them into magical turrets. As she fires off bullets in all directions, she throws daggers at her opponent to add another level of difficulty to evasion. Esembria's evasion rate rises to 100% if she manages to activate the spellcard. The only way to survive is to dodge and graze until time runs out!

Spell Card No.7[edit]

「The Phantom Thief's Countless Eyes」
Kanji: 「怪盗の度々目」 Kana: 「かいとうのどどめ」 Romanization: 「Kaitou no Dodome」



Riyeko Sato — The first person in the past few decades to ever catch Esembria stealing. The dodomeki teasingly refers to her as 'Yome-chan'.





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