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Dymphna O'Callaghan, Ewald Siegfried Schreiber, Abd-al-Aziz Samara (Male twin), 'Ismat Samara (Female Twin), All of He (Mentis Diabolus)








Dymphna - 92, Ewald - 87, Abd-al-Aziz and 'Ismat - 54, Diabolus Mentis - ???



Has an imaginary friend that can fight for her


Original Character



Dymphna O'Callaghan: Dymphna cannot honestly remember what year she was born, but considering her knowledge of the Modern world outside of Gensokyo, it is determined she was born at most the late 1900's or has traveled to the present recently.. Her ability allows her to travel to different points of history and destinations should she choose, though she has never been in complete control of her powers, causing misfortune for her and her companions a multitude of times.

Her story starts back in Waterford, Ireland. The daughter of a farmer, Dymphna O'Callaghan was not originally destined for great things; that is until one day at the age of four she decided to wander into the nearby forest while her mother was cooking dinner and her father was working the fields. even exploring only the outskirts she became hopelessly lost. The sun began to set and she became scared and upset, crying out for her parents until she heard the sounds of hungry wildlife closing in. Fleeing with all the swiftness of a frightened child, she did not stop until she fell down a hole by a large and dead tree. Terrified of the dark, she began to weep loudly, thinking of how it would only be less scary if she had a light... And suddenly, a light appeared in the hole, showing that she had fallen into a tunnel with a bright light at the end. Looking up, Dymphna realized she was too far down to climb up and wandered helplessly towards the light; coming across an old and abandoned underground ruin with strange writing all around the stone walls and broken pillars with plant life growing through the cracks in the stone. In the center of this was the source of the light; a pedestal with a glowing cross. Approaching the pedestal slowly, Dymphna reached out to touch the cross and blacked out as soon as she came in contact with it, only seeing a bright flash of white light and low, mocking laughter followed by a shadowy figure with glowing blue eyes staring down at her. When she awoke, Dymphna was surprised to find she was in her bed at home, and her mother had just finished making dinner, not even realizing that her daughter had been gone. This was Dymphna's first contact with Mentis Diabolus, who forced the girl's hidden power to surface, starting with her imagining a light to show her how to escape.

As the year progressed, she began to do more and more interesting things, frequently sneaking off from her home, only to return later and awaken in her bed. At the age of five, Mentis Diabolus caused her to become lost in the forest, supposedly to see if she could make her way home by herself and causing her to sleep for three days, giving her horrible nightmares that spawned Ewald. At the end of this event, her parents were so worried that their little girl was missing for so long though relieved to have her back, she was forbidden from leaving the house without someone around her. On her seventh birthday, her parents were killed and the farmhouse was set ablaze, as the local priest had visited a month before to investigate rumors of a hulking bandaged demon in the area, tracing it to the residence. After realizing Dymphna had inhuman powers, he attempted to exercise her as he assumed she was possessed by the Devil, though failed and was slain by Ewald who assumed the priest to be harming his friend. This triggered a response from an angry mob who acted and attempted to trap the family of demons in and slay them all with fire. Mentis Diabolus appeared only briefly, whispering to Dymphna to imagine a world she and Ewald would be accepted, a place that was far from her burning home. As she did, the three were transported to a new land, hundreds of years in the past, and their adventures began.

Eventually, Dymphna grew to become a young woman, and it is around this time that she and Ewald travled to Jerusalem in the late 1090's, finding the sick and wounded Hawk Twins, Abd-al-Aziz and his sister 'Ismat. After assisting the two, the twins had been given the choice to accompany the young woman through her travels. This was all fine and well until one day, unknown to the group, Mentis Diabolus had plotted something that would change the course of history for the worst reasons, one so horrible, it caused Dymphna to become slightly insane, forcing her to use her powers in a way that would break her principals and she changed history to revert the damage and cause it to become 'normal'. It was this event that caused the woman to erase her memory of everything that had happened, only leaving the ones of her friends intact and assume the form of a small girl; cursing herself to a state of near-consciousness so her powers would never be strong enough to cause such a terrible event from happening again.

It is only recently that Mentis Diabolus learned of the Hakurei barrier and the world hidden behind it, leaving behind notes for Dymphna and her companions to discover. Though her companions were originally against it, feeling a suspicion towards the strange notes and why they would learn of such a place only now, Dymphna never the less imagined the group to be in a place where people like her and her friends would be truly accepted, teleporting the group to Gensokyo. Though for the moment, she assumes that she had created Gensokyo, as it seems 'too perfect' while her companions struggle to adapt to a place that could very well be their end if they choose to make the wrong person angry, the Hawk twins especially wishing for the day they could leave after learning of Holy priestesses that slay demons for the most mundane of reasons.

Ewald Siegfried Schreiber:

'Born' as a result of Mentis Diabolus tampering with Dymphna's dreams, he caused her to suffer three days of nightmares, being chased by a foul creature of nightmarish appearance. As delighted as Mentis Diabolus was to see how his experiment was progressing, he did not expect Dymphna to be in so much mental anguish she would actually create the monster in the real world.

However, her desire to have the monster be nice to her had forged a bit of Ewald's personality to be inherently nice. As Dymphna suffered her nightmare, Ewald took to nursing the small girl, earning criticism from Mentis Diabolus in the process who commanded the Nightmare to awaken the girl and frighten her (Thus, causing her to destroy Ewald and erase him from existence, removing Mentis Diabolus' failure in his experiment). Seeing how his commands were not working, he forcefully woke Dymphna, who became terrified at Ewald's appearance.

The timid Nightmare hid from the girl behind a bush, causing her to become curious as to why such a large and intimidating creature would flee from her. She took this as a game of hide and seek, exposing Ewald each time he tried to dash off to a new hiding spot so he would not scare the girl. Eventually, Dymphna became sad and wondered why Ewald continued to flee, which in turn caused the Nightmare to investigate the sobs. Thinking quickly, he ran back to the village and stole medical strips and clothing before running back. After concealing himself, he approached Dymphna and comforted her, cementing their friendship. From then on, Ewald would care for and comfort Dymphna even when she had no one else, and protect her whenever one would wish to take advantage of her.

The Devil of the Mind (Mentis Diabolus):

Mentis Diabolus is a strange being and it is uncertain if he is a ghost, a Youkai, a god, or just another of Dymphna's creations. Every time he appears, he causes people to forget he even exists once his deed is done, though effects of his meddling linger. If Dymphna is in danger and Ewald is nowhere to be found, Mentis Diabolus would spring into action, slay the attacker, and then retreat back into hiding, leaving any witnesses wondering why one minute there was someone standing front of a little girl and the next moment, they lay in a heap.

Throughout his adventures with Dymphna, Mentis Diabolus has always had a hand in causing something to go either horribly wrong for any opposition, or caused a major disaster that would go on to be forgotten and unrecorded in history. The only people he can relate to are the mentally insane, as he considers them to 'be good folk' and are often discredited by sane people. It goes to such an extent, he may cause a small group of people to slowly go insane over time as he ruins their lives, just so he could witness their suffering and conversate with them without having to make them forget. In this sense, it would be safe to assume Mentis Diabolus is lonely; wishing to be remembered, but too shy to allow people that liberty; as twisted as he is.For this very reason, Dymphna is never welcome in any one place for too long, as most people assume she is the cause for many of their loved ones to lose grasp on reality.

There is only one instance where Mentis Diabolus' deeds would go on to be recorded into history, considered to be one of the worst wars that helped to fuel a second one. And all he had to do was ensure a certain assassin would crave a sandwich and 'coincidentally' meet up with his Noble target after a failed attempt on June 28, 1914.

Abd-al-Aziz Samara and 'Ismat Samara:

Originally Ghouls that haunted the Judean Mountains near Jerusalem in the late 1090's while the First Crusade was going on, Abd-al-Aziz and his sister 'Ismat were simple demons with simple needs. Up until that point, the twins have lived a slightly constricted life, but not a fearful one; as the people of Jerusalem were easy to kill, and food was easy to come by. It was not until the first Knight Templar began their march towards the city that the two had trouble fighting them. Their holy magic was too much for the demons, and the twins had to retreat and hide. Not wanting their home to turn into a battleground that would interrupt their food source with the taint of Holy powers, the took the forms of eagles and flew long and far until they came upon an encampment of the strangest warriors who they would come to know as Hashshashin.

After scouting and finding out the Hashshashin were planning to fight the Knight Templar and assassinate their leaders, Abd-al-Aziz and 'Ismat decided to show themselves, pledging their services to the Hashshashin order if it meant they could free their home of the invading forces. While hesitant to allow demons into their order, the Hashshashin took it as a sign from God that if even Hell was willing to work with them, than their enemy must be the taint of the Earth and should be purged.

They trained for two years, completing small contracts with higher-ranking Assassins; which at that point a majority of the fighting had been completed and the Templar were close to capturing Jerusalem, despite their progress. Only one thing remained and there was very little chance for failure or else their home would fall. During The Siege of Jerusalem, the Hawk twins, now both trained Hashshashin, were tasked with infiltrating the Crusader ranks and assassinating both Peter Desidirus, a Priest that would later go on to rally the Crusader troops, ensuring their victory, and the commander of the Crusader forces stationed outside of Jerusalem.

Their mission failed horribly when a scout realized something was amiss when five soldiers were separated from the main force; the Hashshashin infiltrators, and sounded an alarm. The resulting battle ensured the failure of the mission, leaving all but the twins dead, as they were able to transform into hawks and fly away from the attack; though 'Ismat suffered an injury to her wing when she was struck with an arrow. As the Siege began three days later, the twins had one last chance, yet there was nothing they or the Brotherhood of Hashshashin could do. The resulting massacre following the capture of Jerusalem forced the twins and the remaining Hashshashin to flee the city.

History does not follow the remaining members, but months later, while Abd-al-Aziz and 'Ismat were watching from their nearby mountain, having both fallen ill from their wounds during the attack, Dymphna and Ewald appeared nearby, causing the Twins to leap into action and attempt to defend themselves and slay what they thought to be Crusader scouts. After being defeated by Ewald, they were shown mercy by Dymphna, who realized in a way, they were similar to her. She offered to heal their illness and injuries and for them a chance to follow her on her adventures, and in return for their protection and companionship, she would provide them with a new home and all that they wanted. This promise was only fulfilled halfway as the two were from that day on forbidden to consume human flesh or enact their revenge on members of the Christian faith yet Abd-al-Aziz and 'Ismat could not be happier at their new 'home'.


Dymphna O'Callaghan: Dymphna is a sweet girl, almost innocent in her mentality. Despite her long and troubled past with many heartbreaks and abuse, she uses her ability to forcefully forget any event that would normally traumatize any other person. Her personally is directly proportionate to her physical form; which as of late has taken on that of a little girl; how she was before her 'new life' began. She never becomes angry, knowing that her power could harm people if she thought ill of them. One event caused her so much mental pain she chose to willingly place herself into a near-eternal state of near-consciousness, preferring a dream world to that of reality. Unfortunately, it is this very reason she and her companions have arrived in Gensokyo in the first place, which she believes to be 'a world she imagined' while her companions very well know the truth of the Hakurei barrier and that they are stuck there.

Ewald Siegfried Schreiber: Despite his monstrous appearance and the fact he was born from a nightmare, Ewald is what would be considered a 'gentle giant' in every sense of the term. He feeds, protects, and comforts Dymphna when she needs it, acting in a lot of ways as an older brother would. To other people, he is generous and kind, always trying to find time to assist others or aid with problems. If he has to fight, however,he will act as he was originally dreamed; a monster with nothing but anger and a thirst for his target's demise. This paired with Dymphna's ability to augment him with many natural and unnatural weapons, plus his personal ability to instantly adapt to his new 'equipment', Ewald is a fierce fighter.

Mentis Diabolus: It is not quite known how this strange being operates, but the few times he does show himself, he has given the impression of being a very twisted individual; obsessed with control and fear. It can be assumed that Mentis Diabolus my be far more than mentally unstable and the main source of Dymphna's grief throughout her life, yet she cannot get rid of him as she does not realize he exists. Ewald was created as a result of Mentis Diabolus' direct intervention. What he did not plan on was Ewald's rather subdued and kind personality despite his deformed and nightmarish appearance which caused him some degree of frustration, frequently showing himself to ruin the Nightmare's day if things start to go too well, further injuring the docile Nightmare's personality. If a plan he had set up begins to unravel and becomes dangerously close to failing completely, Mentis Diabolus may make the decision to show himself personally and and either congratulate the nuisance that foiled his plan, or violently lash out if he is sure he can kill or destroy the source of his frustration.

Abd-al-Aziz and 'Ismat: Unlike Ewald, the Eagle twins are very much real, encountered in Jerusalem during one of Dymphna's adventures across time. The two are actually Ghouls; shape-shifting Arabic demons that either take the form of animals to lure, ambush and kill humans, or corpses they have previous eaten. The twins often share the same mentality and outlook on various situations, putting their combined intellect to solving problems. However, because of their nature, the two are very shy, often hiding out of sight and rarely ever showing themselves unless they are called in to fight, or they are discovered and brought into the open.Their conversational skills are quite adept, though there has been more than one occasion of one or both showing signs of racism towards humans or sexism to their opposite gender as they both are from a time period long past where such things were common.


Unless Dymphna wills Ewald to be able to use more traditional Danmaku, the only one that actually has any knowledge of the group on how to make and use spellcards would be Mentis Diabolus. However, given his conditions and ability to make people forget he exists, frequently when he uses Spellcards, it appears that Danmaku spews from all manner of random directions instead of any real source.

Gabriel's Golden Horn: Mentis Diabolus summons the Horn of Gabriel and blows it deeply, causing the sky to darken with clouds before the clouds part and white balls of light descend, following behind a golden light bearing the silhouette of a man in a white robe. The combined force begin to fire at Mentis Diabolus in anger, who moves in front of his foe, creating the illusion that Heaven has been summoned to combat his opponent. Each missed Danmaku shot will rend the earth, causing hellfire to spray up from the ground as a 'second wave' of Danmaku. Once the card ends, everything except for injuries to an opponent are restored to how it was before the card.

Ten Plagues (EX Card): Mentis Diabolus repeats the Ten Plagues of Egypt, but instead of one by one over days to demonstrate his power, he unleashes all ten at once; showering the field with appropriate Danmaku: (1)Blood wells up from the ground, shooting red orbs. (2)Frogs leap from the blood, flying at the opponent. (3)Tiny Danmaku beads representing gnats swarm in from off the field on both sides, criss-crossing and forming a grid before passing. (4)Flies take the gnats' place, creating an even tighter web to weave through. (5)Zombified animals charge in from off the side of the field, stampeding and leaving a cloud of 'Pestilence' danmaku that slowly drifts to an opponent before the animals retreat. (6)Ghosts of men and women covered in boils erupt from the ground, wailing and showering gray 'ashes' onto the field before disappearing. (7)The sky darkens and Hail begins to fall while lightning strikes, pelting the ground and causing it to freeze over with each Danmaku pellet that misses. (8)Locusts then swarm around the battlefield, coming in tight waves attempt to ram into an opponent before flying off and disappearing. (9)A darkness so thick it is physical seeps into the battlefield, its black tentacles attempting to spear any unfortunate enough to be nearby before retreating. (10)The sound of mournful wailing is heard in the distance as the Final Plague strikes the sadness of an entire Nation is heard as a robed, skull-faced figure wielding a massive scythe sweeps by, leaving behind soul wisps that fly towards the opponent before they disappear.







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