Doku Take

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Doku Take
Lethargic Magic 'Shroom






Mushroom Youkai


~100 years




Creation of Spores, Powders and Mushrooms in a great variety






3 (Boss)


The Forest of Magic is a place inhabited by a broad variety of youkai. Some of these youkai moved to live there, whereas others came into being at this place. Doku Take is one of the latter. He started out as a simple mushroom about 100 years ago, conveniently located under a fallen tree-branch, surrounded by bushes and therefore concealed effectively to remain hidden from possible predators. Initially radiating a somewhat poisonous scent, this mushroom was able to fend off mycophagists in it's early years. However, to increase it's immunity to whatever beasts and or youkai might want to try this mushroom out, it developed more methods to protect itself in the form of various kinds of spores, utilizing the magic which is present in high intensities within the magical forest. Feeding off the magical energy in it's vicinity, as well as staying alive for so long due to the fungi-friendly climate in the woods and it's developed abilities, it eventually turned into the youkai as you see him today. Doku did not wander around much at the beginning and mostly stuck around the area he had been living in for the past century, but with the sudden freedom he was given now after becoming a youkai, the mushroom decided to walk around a bit more, exploring. He'd be mostly seen sleeping though, due to his serene, jovial nature and he had not exceeded the borders of the Forest of Magic yet.


Doku is an easy-going youkai, basically. His name would imply that he was a jerk (being named a toadstool), but this name is misleading. He usually does not act hostile towards others when they don't give him enough reason to do so and generally does not mind others doing their business as long as he is not going to be disturbed during the process, especially when he was trying to take a nap. Even when not asleep, the mushroom does never seem to be fully aware of what is going on, and makes the impression of being rather sleepy all the time. Even though he might be somewhat slow, Doku is a rather pleasant person to converse with, because he is friendly towards people who mean no harm to him. His attitude becomes more repellent though, when others show interest in the psychedelic effects one could get from just licking him or breathing in his spores. He does not like to be taken advantage of if the only thing the others desire is getting tripped, and he would not hold back to if someone insincere just pretends to be friends for their own 'benefit' (this of course, depends on how receptive someone is to magic shrooms).


His ability involves the creation and emitting of various types of spores and powders which he tries to use for his advantage. Spores included are stunning ones, as well as cold inducing and poisonous ones. Depending on his opponent, they may or may not cause allergic reactions as well. Depending on the situation, Doku might as well make use of psychedelic spores, which effects also vary on the target and it's tolerance towards this. One more thing he is capable of is the planting of mushrooms through the scattering of spores and letting them hit the soil, whereafter they would grow and act as stationary familiars, for example in a match of danmaku, where they would be able to shoot bullets as well. The growth speed is heavily dependant on his environment. Whereas the mushrooms would pop out in a few seconds from muddy, or damp soil in general, they would take a few minutes to be cast when the only base around happens to be dry, rocky, or otherwise hard to grow anything on it. His abilities bring a few weaknesses with them. His main main disadvantage would be wind, which could blow the spores into the opposite direction, making him miss the target. Fire can easily burn spores as well. And even if he grows huge clusters of mushrooms, they are rather fragile and can be quashed with one shot.


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Specific logs[edit]

Seeking the Forest's Mushrooms~!