Demetra Yahschin

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Demetra Yahschin
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Femme Fatale of the Ancient Times






Youkai (Nymph)


Several centuries (looks about twenty years old)






Original Character


No information






Originally Demetra comes from ancient Greece in the outside world when mythical creatures like nymphs and satyrs still existed. However since Demetra was not behaving too well (not only did she seduce tons of men and therefore angered a lot of Greek wives, but she also was about to let them built a temple for her to be worshiped like a goddess) the real gods started to send heroes similar to Heracles after her, saying she was a despicable maneating monster which needs to be slain. Since her powers would have been no match for those young, athletic men she had to abscond from Greece and eventually got to Gensokyo just a few days before the Hakurei border was created and has been living there since. Given that fact it is no wonder she knows about all the incidents since then and will not hesitate to leverage this knowledge.


Demetra's a very self-confident woman, who loves toying with men by acting inferior and scared. As much as she is intriguing, she is an intriguer, plotting all sorts of schemes in order to get what she desires. Demetra enjoys people serving her and lying on comfy pillows, because she is somewhat lazy and mostly hedonistic. Perhaps you might call her he incarnation of lust, so be on the look-out...

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General Information: Demetra tries not to gather too many foes, rather pretends to be on good terms with them or fool them, so they will not bother her or foil her plans. Of course, even nymphs make exceptions and will express their hatred quite openly, if it should be too much.

Utsuho Reijuji ~ Well, of course Demetra would not want this entity of nuclear power to be against her. What the youkai from Greece would like even more would be to have Okuu lend her some, if not all of her power.

Kyou Nigatsu and Sora Inazumi ~ Out of hope she could gain control over the once feared Raijuu Sora, Demetra is trying very hard to get on her and Kyou's good side, trying to ignore the fact, that Kyou is being forced to crossdress, as good as she can and visiting him from now and then. Once she even tried to suck up to him by presenting him with a very expensive Kimono - a thing not typical for the nymph.

Ishimaru Kaito ~ Another one of her superficial friendships, yet this man has brought her as far as to try and seduce him like she likes doing to men in general. However, Ishimaru is a special case. Not only did it require much more work than usual to restrain him from being suspicious about Demetra, but she also has a very ambivalent view on him: he either could grow to be her best friend in crime, or her most dangerous enemy.

Parsee Mizuhashi ~ If the nymph really hates someone, it is the bridge princess. Irrational despite of the incarnation of Invidia made the personification of Luxuria attack her just because her clothing resembled that of the Persians, who Demetra is not in any favor since the numerous wars with them.



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