Clink Tsumeken

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Clink Tsumeken
Steel Devil of the Human Village






Cleaver Tsukumogami



Fish tempura stand owner


Can sharpen anything to their maximum sharpness


Original Character



2 (Midboss)



To summarize before I even tell it, she's a cleaver who fell from the outside world, although that goes without saying. At first, she was simply a tool used by well-known chef from a small town. He wasn't the best cook, but he did respect his tools and made his customers happy. And that's how it was, for a while at least. However, one night when he was closing his restaurant, a man walked in. The chef moved to tell the man the restaurant was closed, but the man just picked up Clink and chopped off the chef's head straight off, before simply walking off and taking the cleaver with him. This was the start of a series of murders where the victims were simply decapitated with no other injury and where the perp got away each time. Until the last time, anyway. He was finally caught and killed at a mountainous town, though the murder weapon was never found.

A century or so later, a new face popped up in the Human Village. A girl with odd hair yellow and a very dangerous looking tail simply walked in, a bit warily, to sell some fish she caught. It wasn't that long until she became a regular in the village, starting to cook the fish she caught with a stand she started. While she's far from being a youkai most of the village is fairly comfortable with-given her tail and her taste for bones, of course-she's still one that certainly won't be chased out any time soon.


A cheery girl, though hardly a normal one, Clink is mostly pleasant to be around, if you don't care about some particularly gruesome thoughts sometimes being spoken out loud. Despite that, she doesn't hunt humans (or those from Gensokyo, anyway) for food, and it's usually just her getting carried away. She's often wary of strangers, given past experiences, but she does warm up quickly to people. Oddly, she refers to herself as a devil, despite not actually being one.







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