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There are many, many youkai. As such, they tend to be divided into many different types. Rarely is there ever any commonality in their appearance, ability, personality, or even activities. As a general rule, though, all youkai will share several common traits.

  • Youkai live longer than humans.
  • Youkai have more robust bodies than humans, and can heal from even extreme injuries.
  • Youkai are affected by faith -- The decline of faith is what prompted the Youkai to create Gensokyo.
  • Youkai generally do not work together.
  • Youkai are dangerous enemies of humans.

As youkai consider humans to be a delicacy, they are the greatest threat to humans in Gensokyo. However, they'll also steal crops or livestock. Since Youkai are separated into several classes, the blanket term 'Youkai' itself is used to refer only to youkai who do not fit into the other types.

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