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Embodiment of Charisma


Very High





One of the newer varieties of Youkai that appeared in Gensokyo mere centuries ago, Vampires are also the strongest of the new arrivals. Their main diet is human blood, and they can only come out at night, so they spend most of the day sleeping. When they first appeared, Vampires caused a great rukus in Gensokyo until they lost to powerful youkai. This resulted in an agreement that the Vampires wouldn't attack humans in Gensokyo in exchange for a steady supply of humans (presumably from outside the Barrier).

A typical vampire possesses marvelous magical power and physical prowess. They are able to lift a thousand-year-old tree single-handedly, for instance. Summoning minor demons is quite simple, and they are extraordinarily fast. A vampire may dissolve herself into bats or mist and intrude nearly anywhere. If used as an escape, even one of these bats surviving means the vampire can regenerate.

While Vampires possess many strong powers, they also have a variety of weaknesses. They're docile during the day, as sunlight weakens them. They also are unable to cross flowing water. Rain is actually capable of completely paralyzing a vampire if they're caught out in it.

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