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Spirit of Ancient Loved Craftsmanship


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Objects which are well loved by human owners and then lost will eventually find their way into Gensokyo. Discarded belongings are forgotten, and will slip into Gensokyo through the act of being forgotten. While in Gensokyo, it is possible for a discarded item to become a Youkai. This form of youkai is known as a Tsukumogami, sometimes referred to as "One of Ten Thousand Spirits", for the shinto belief that every object has its own spirit.

Tsukumogami can arise from anything, but they tend to come in two varieties. There are tsukumogami who fondly remember humans, and thier owners, and as a result develop a strong attachment to humans. These tsukumogami get along well with humans, and sometimes seek out human company. The other kind of tsukumogami is the kind that feels as if it were abandoned. These youkai do not trust humans, and usually carry the feeling that humans have hurt them. Some of these more gloomy Tsukumogami will turn violent towards humans, like most youkai already do.

Tsukumogami tend to have their own species names: Kogasa Tatara is a Karakasa, an umbrella youkai. Medicine Melancholy, by contrast, is an undefined type of tsukumogami that arose from a discarded ventriloquist's doll.

A typical tsukumogami arises from an object that has been abandoned for 100 years. A particularly well-loved object that is suddenly abandoned might become a tsukumogami sooner.

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