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The Most Carefree Humans


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Very Low



Residents of Bhava Agra, also known as Heaven, the Tennyo are humans who have reached Nirvana and ascended to a higher plane of existance. They almost never appear in Gensokyo, as they have little reason to leave Bhava Agra. It's said that everything is provided for them to live happily and comfortably, though the requirements to ascend as a Tennyo means that someone who would desire such a life couldn't become one.

Tennyo are also known as Angels or Celestials. They can be very powerful, magically, and also have strong physical power. However, they're not much of a threat to humans because they used to be humans themselves. A Tennyo is also unlikely to harm a Youkai. The fact is, most Tennyo are quite carefree and friendly sorts. Even making one angry is extremely difficult to do.

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