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Wind-Causing Mountain God


Very High





The Tengu of Gensokyo are an ancient race with a peculiar society and a reclusive lifestyle. There are many different kinds of Tengu. The Boss Tengu, Tenma; the managment types, Daitengu; Information-gathering Crow Tengu; Office worker Hanataka Tengu; the Defense Corps, White Wolf Tengu; and the printers, Yamabushi Tengu.

They generally resemble humans, though each type has its own quirks. For instance, Daitengu are quite large, and Hanataka Tengu tend to be very proud. Tengu are quite intelligent as a race, and have a much more intricate society than humans carved into the heart of Youkai Mountain.

The average Tengu has moderate sorcerous and physical ability, with strong connections to the wind. They can also fly extremely fast. Another common characteristic is that they are cheerful, heavy drinkers. As a social race, Tengu will always leap to defense if one of their own is attacked, especially the Wolf Tengu.

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