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Shinigami are not youkai and are not common in Gensokyo. They are still sighted, however rarely, on the banks of the Sanzu River. Shinigami usually live and work in Hell, as administrators and receptionists under command of their Yama. The Shinigami most likely to be encountered in Gensokyo are the ferrymen who guide souls across the Sanzu and into the netherworld.

The work is hard, but since one works at their own pace, it's quite popular among those who find office-like work dull. While their manner of dress may vary, all Shinigami carry with them an enormous scythe as a symbol of their position. Despite their fearsome reputation as Death Gods, most Shinigami are pretty personable and not prone to violence unless somehow provoked. As such, they're not considered a big threat to humans.

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