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The Embodiments of Spirit







Often mixed up with ghosts, Phantoms are actually representations of spirits rather than the ghosts of deceased people. Many phantoms are similar to ghosts because they have no physical form and can pass through objects. Unlike ghosts, however, Phantoms are very cold to the touch. While a Phantom may rise from anything, one may also be born as a phantom. Phantoms can be found nearly anywhere, but will gravitate towards bright and active places if they are cheerful phantoms or gloomy places if they are gloomy phantoms.

A good example of Phantoms are the Prismriver Sisters: Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica. These are cases of phantoms who were created from memories, and play the phantoms of instruments. Their ability to affect emotions is also common among phantoms.

The gardener of Hakugyukurou, Youmu Konpaku, is an example of one who is born as a phantom -- Or rather, half-phantom. She possesses a solid body and is not as cold to the touch, but still expresses many other Phantom-like powers through the phantasmal half which exists outside her body.

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