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Otherworldly Magical Being







One who is possessed of magic so strong that their body is powered by it is most likely this kind of Youkai. Among Youkai, Magicians are the closest to humans. While many Magicians are born as Youkai, it is also possible for humans to become Youkai through mastery of magic. This is achieved through learning a spell that stops the caster's aging and removes a need for food.

As Magicians are very close to (and, sometimes, formerly) humans, they are the least threatening of all Youkai to humans. The worst they may do is kidnap livestock for rituals they're performing. However, they're generally very studious and intelligent people who can be reasoned with.

Alice Margatroid is an example of a human who became a youkai through hard work and dedication. Her practiced talent is evident in her magical displays. Patchouli Knowledge, by contrast, is one who was born as a Magician and has immense natural talent.

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