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Warped Were-Youkai







Therianthropes are youkai who live as humans, and turn into animals under certain conditions. While living as a human, this doesn't mean they are a youkai in disguise, but that they are virtually identical to an ordinary human. When they transform, though, their power grows to immense levels. They still retain human memories as beasts, however. As therianthropes tend to closely associate with humans while in their human form, they are unlikely to attack humans when they become an animal.

Therianthropy can be hereditary or the result of a curse. While hereditary Therianthropes may become complete animals, the cursed ones can only assume a form that is mostly human with animal traits. The conditions that causes these changes also vary. The most common ones are: Looking at the full moon, drinking wine, getting genuinely angry, and being doused with water.

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