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Craftsman Youkai of the Water







River-dwelling Youkai who live on Youkai Mountain, Kappa tend to have strong relationships with the nearby Tengu. Swimming is their forte, though many Kappa are also skilled inventors and engineers. It's said that the Kappa are the source of the devices used in Tengu society, and that the two races have built a city inside the mountain that is closer to what might be found in the outside world.

Kappa tend to have poor skills in combat, and such tend to avoid humans whenever possible. Most kappa sighted away from Youkai Mountain are those who were swept downstream, or have some reason to venture to the lowlands.

Kappa are most famous for their unusual tools. Among them are the cameras used by the Tengu, though many people don't know how to use them. Other examples of Kappa ingenuity include clocks, engines, and even a device that allows one to talk to another over long distances.

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