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A Perfectly Ordinary Resident




Very High


Very Low

Primarily concentrated in a village located roughly in the middle of Gensokyo, humans are the most common creature in all of Gensokyo. While even more numerous than Youkai, humans are comparatively weak creatures. They tend to group together for safety (hence the village), under the protective umbrella of a few strong individuals.

Some humans in Gensokyo have come from the outside world, and either settled down willingly or simply gave up hope of ever leaving again. Some of these humans have trouble adjusting to the Gensokan lifestyle, and most of them don't tend to last very long.

Lunarians such as Eirin Yagokoro and Kaguya Houraisan are functionally identical to humans. The only difference is that Lunarians do not age normally and have vast knowledge.

Notable humans include Marisa Kirisame and Reimu Hakurei. Sanae Kotiya is also worth mention as one of the few humans from the outside world who has not only adapted to life in Gensokyo, but has become a formidable protector as well.