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Embodiment Of Human Faith







Much like Fairies, Gods are not youkai, but embodiments of the environment around them. Unlike Fairies, however, Gods are both ancient and powerful. Gods represent seasons, events, principles, and weather, among other things, much like Youkai. Unlike Youkai, Gods are more susceptable to human faith and try to garner worship in order to maintain their existance. Belief is life for gods, and to be forgotten is equivilent to death.

An unfortunate result of this is that there aren't many gods in Gensokyo. As they were forgotten by the outside world, many gods perished before they could cross the Hakurei Border. What few who do live in Gensokyo maintain healthy faith in the human village and tend to live on or near Youkai Mountain.

As Gods are so dependant on humans for their existance, despite their great power, they tend to treat humans with polite respect. They carry themselves with dignity, however, and present themselves as beings who are meant to be worshipped by mortals. Most gods are very intelligent, as well as devoted to what they are a god of.

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