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Spirit of Pure Human


Very High





Not to be confused with Phantoms, a Ghost only arises from deceased humans. Youkai and animals do not produce ghosts when they perish. Also unlike Phantoms, Ghosts have the appearance they did while still alive, and their body temperature is not any lower than a typical human. Most of the time, Ghosts are people who refuse to acknowledge they're dead, or don't know they're dead. Occasionally, Ghosts are people who have a strong grudge. These are the most dangerous ones.

A ghost will linger until they find peace, or their body is given a proper memorial service. If the body cannot be found, they may be difficult to get rid of. Ghosts who linger do not proceed to the Netherworld, and therefore stay out of the cycle of reincarnation.

Judged ghosts may be sentenced to serve pennance by working for Yuyuko Saigyouji in the netherworld palace of Hakugyukurou. This palace is the most common place for encountering ghosts.

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