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Embodiment of Mother Nature




Very High



The true identity of natural phenomina, Fairies live where nature is strong. Given how undeveloped Gensokyo is, this means one can find a Fairy just about anywhere. They tend to gather in large numbers to play or dance. Fairies will also gather around strong youkai, and their level of agitation is usually related to how powerful the youkai is. Fairies also like noise, and are typically drawn to where humans and youkai gather.

They tend to be quite small in size with wings that may resemble those of a butterfly or dragonfly, though other wing shapes (such as Cirno's) are also common. Fairies are very diverse. They tend to be noncombative, though, and will typically flee if confronted unless they are particularly stupid or confident.

Fairies enjoy playing pranks on humans. Since they like the same foods that humans eat, a particularly popular prank is to steal food that a human intends to eat. They also like trying to confuse humans, get humans lost, and generally be a nuisence. For the most part, though, these pranks are harmless.

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