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Animal With Too Much Power And Wisdom




Very High



At first glance, they appear to be ordinary animals, but possess human-like intellect and have high physical abilities. Many of them act as leaders of ordinary animals or lesser youkai, and some can even use sorcery. These are the Beast-type Youkai, and the most common type of Youkai in Gensokyo.

Usually, their personality and shape are influenced by the animal they originally were. They have a strong fondness for their original species, and cannot usually pass up an opportunity to help one. Animals become youkai either by living a very long time, or by eating many humans in their lifetime. No matter what animal they may be based on, youkai beasts are omnivores.

Since there are so many, one can never be sure if a Beast will be hostile or not in a first encounter, so it's best to be careful. Note that creatures such as Nekomata and Kitsune are also considered Beasts.

Hell Beasts[edit]

A special kind of Beast youkai can only be found in the Old Hell, recently accessible through the new Geyser. Hell's Beasts do not become youkai due to eating humans, but due to eating evil spirits. Souls of humans condemned to the Old Hell before the Yama moved to the New Hell, as well as the souls of humans whose bodies have been dragged to the Old Hell by kasha, these evil spirits guarantee that any animal eating them will become a youkai before long.

Hell's beast youkai are functionally identical to regular Beast youkai, but have an easy time adapting to extreme heat. They might find the surface to be cold. Hell youkai radiate heat to counter this. Hell's beast youkai can also easily shift between an animal form and a human-like form, something that surface beast youkai are not known to do.