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Mighty and Terrible Demon








Approximately 5000


Wandering Demon


The Power to Question One's Courage


Original Character



4 (Elite Boss)



Beleth was once the King of the West, one of the Kings of Hell in Western mythology. He was in command of 86 legions of demons and was one of the most powerful entities in hell. However, due to the decline of religion and the growth of science the power structure of hell shifted greatly. Beleth found himself exiled to the mortal plane, younger, more ambitious demons taking his place. Still, even if Beleth had nothing else, he still retained one of his most loyal servants, the succubus Setvilioux.

Upon his exile to the mortal plane, Beleth lost most of his powers and appeared as a dark knight riding a pale horse until a chance encounter with a band of demon hunters ended poorly for him. While they did not manage to kill Beleth they did manage to bring him to the verge of death. In desperation he possessed a young human girl's body and managed to escape to recover. Because of his extended stay in a human body while his spirit was so weakened his personality was altered significantly as his mind merged with the girl's.

Even after his power had recovered he continued to dwell in her body, not remembering who he once was. Instead he began to refer to himself as female, Set no longer his servant but her older sister and she was no longer a King of Hell but a wandering demon with no particularly great ambitions, content to see the world in the company of her 'sister'. Even so, the mortal realm is hardly friendly to Beleth's kind, and eventually they made their way to the paradise known as Gensokyo, hoping to finally find a home


Beleth is an aggressive girl, easily provoked to anger if not shown what she considers the proper respect. Despite this, she is not an impulsive fighter, generally attempting to frighten her opponents before a battle takes place in order to reduce their morale. She is also quite loyal to those she considers allies, and will never break her word or tell an untruth (though that doesn't stop her from making lies of omission). She is slow to make friends, however, because she rarely associates with those who she does not know.







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