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(note: she does not wear the pink armor parts in her image)









Professional Devil/Monster Hunter


Able to control Devil Arms, the souls of demons defeated in combat that manifest as weapons.


Original Character


Super Public Enemy (Stage), Lock & Load (Boss), d.m.c (Band Ver.) (Extra)


4 (Elite Boss)


5' 7"


Beatrice was born of the union between a human woman and a demon, an unprecedented pairing as the two of them felt true love toward each other. However, the Demon World viewed this as a great sin on the part of Beatrice's father. For years, demon assassins were sent after Beatrice's family, but her father managed to hold them off every time. But, of course, it couldn't last forever. Eventually, when Beatrice turned 18, her family was ambushed by a particularly powerful band of demons. Beatrice managed to survive, but her mother and father were killed in the attack. Not long after, Beatrice truly realized her demonic powers and chose to open a business dedicated to demon hunting, named Blackened Angel. The business, located somewhere in the central United States, went relatively well for several years, and Beatrice recieved several demon-hunting jobs during that time. Unfortunately, because of her fondness for pizza and strawberry sundaes and generally not getting paid much for her jobs, she was frequently in debt. As demons became less and less active due to overhunting, Beatrice's business only became worse and worse, until finally one of her last clients suggested that she take a look at this place called "Gensokyo". Beatrice saw nothing to lose, so she borrowed some money and took the next flight out to Japan.


Beatrice can easily be described as being flippant, cocky, and completely unflappable. She rarely takes anything seriously, and is very laid-back in most situations. She can always be counted on to do the right thing, even if she makes cynical and sarcastic quips about it the whole time. She often complains about having little to no money, but she is quite willing to perform jobs just for the good of them and never enforces payment from poor clients. In fact, she refuses any jobs she doesn't like, regardless of the pay. Despite her fondness for making bets, she has the worst gambling luck of anyone in the world. This has led her to make some decisions based on a coin toss, but she always uses her own coin with heads on both sides.


While she appears predominantly human, Beatrice has very adept youkai-level abilities. She is able to channel her demonic powers into physical objects and empower them. She can easily survive wounds that would kill a human, such as being impaled or shot point-blank in the head, and regenerates very quickly. Her raw strength is enough to punch through thick stone, and she is very agile to boot. On top of this, she has fantastic proficiency with both firearms and various melee weapons.

Devil Arms[edit]

Ebony & Ivory ( Not really Devil Arms, but still weapons, these are Beatrice's twin handguns. Rather than using actual bullets, Beatrice coalesces her demonic energy into very dense bullets which she fires from the handguns. Thanks to this, she never has to reload her guns.

Lady Midday Beatrice's most used Devil Arm. The basic structure is like that of a claymore. However, in place of the blade, there is a long rod like a thick, bony finger. Attached to the end of the rod are two thick, curved crimson blades like scythe blades. They lie parallel to the rod, facing in opposite directions (similar to this). The sides of the blades are decorated with a large, glowing red design of an eye with four similar eyes around it. Lady Midday has the power to transform itself: from its generic sword form, it can shift the blades around to form either a scythe or functional shears.

Drekavac A Devil Arm appearing as an electric guitar with a sharp trident at the end of the headstock. The weapon is dark purple in color, and the strings are made of violet electricity. The main body has an outline similar to the jagged thorax, head, and mandibles of a stag beetle, with the bridge of the guitar emerging from where the abdomen would be. Drekavac gives the user electric abilities, mainly caused by playing it as an instrument.

Jormungandr An ice-powered Devil Arm appearing as a serpentine whip. The handle is made of a dull blue stone and elaborately decorated with Nordic serpent designs. The end of the handle is a portal, from which emerges an icy white snake demon. The scales of the demon resemble ice crystals, and it has empty cyan eyes. Its mouth is filled with very long, needle-like fangs, and it has a long tentacle tipped with a single spike emerging from the back of its head. Jormungandr gives the user ice abilities, and due to the extreme cold surrounding the snake anyone damaged by it feels no pain.

Lucifer ( A Devil Arm which is worn as a backpack. The user can pull crimson energy blades from the 'wings' or summon them to launch themselves. The blades explode after a short time or at a command from the user.

Nightmare A Devil Arm appearing as a demonic motorcycle formed from a horse skeleton. The ribcage and spine form the main body of the bike, with the inner workings set inside the ribcage. A very dark blue metal plate in an upside-down triangle shape sits on the collar of the skeleton, extending two twisting handlebars from its corners. The head and neck of the horse skeleton extend from the plate, with blue flames in the eye sockets and forming a mane. Rather than a horse's hooves, the forelegs and hind legs end in gnarled claws grasping the axles of the bladed wheels wreathed in blue fire. Finally, a seat rests just above the pelvis, and a bony tail with blue fire at the tip swings behind the bike. Nightmare's main ability is to be able to drive freely on any surface, and the bike can condense into just the skull for easier transportation.

Typhon A Devil Arm which is a set of fire-enchanted, thruster-powered gauntlets, greaves, mask, and back armor. A ninja-esque mask made of black metal covers the lower part of her face, with orange fangs emerging from the top rim and curling over her cheeks. The gauntlets are made of layered black metal with sharp, curving edges like the carapace of some kind of lizard, and on the hands are draconic heads with glowing orange metal gloves emerging from the mouths. The greaves are similar and go up to the knees, terminating in a large orange spike at the knee, though the upper jaw of the dragon head covers the foot while the lower jaw extends off the heel 180 degrees from the upper jaw. Finally, on her back is a black metal plate with eight upward-curving spikes placed in two rows, growing larger as they approach the head. Typhon gives the user fire abilities and also enhances their physical strength, using high-powered thrusters in the folds of the gauntlets and greaves to increase the force of kicks and punches.







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