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Bavaya Yaga
The Witch of the Iron Forest











Various kinds of magic, particularly in the realms of summoning and transfiguration. She usually summons invisible demons as her servants, for example, and they follow her every order without question.


Original Character


Haunted Ruins (Stage), Night Wraiths (Boss), Hall of the Mountain King (Extra)



4' 9"


For centuries, the people of Europe and Northern Asia have spoken of the evil hag known as Bavaya Yaga. They say that she lives in a chicken-legged hut in the deepest, darkest woods. Surrounding the hut is a rickety fence with a skull mounted on each pole, but one pole is always free for the hero who thinks he can best her. They say that she flies around at night in a giant mortar, using the pestle to steer herself as she snatches up children and takes them to her home for dinner. Seeking out her aid is often an endeavor that may be even more dangerous than the original quest. reality, however, only about half of these things are true. She does indeed live in a chicken-legged hut in the depths of the woods, surrounded by an imposing fence with a talking gate. And she does fly around on a giant mortar, but certainly not to kidnap and eat children. Neither is she an old hag, nor is asking for her help really all that dangerous. And she most certainly would never leave a skull out of place on her fence; Burian would feel uneven if that happened, like wearing mismatched socks.

In truth, Bavaya is a very amicable person, but she doesn't feel any need to go out and fight the myths about her. Because of them, almost nobody comes to visit her, and she likes it that way. For several centuries she's lived in the frozen North, peacefully living her life with her talkative gate, her skittish house, and her various invisible servants. Recently, however, her peace has been bothered more and more frequently by humans intruding on her territory. Rather than try to fight them, she simply decided to move, a concept she was quite used to with her nomadic lifestyle. And so she found herself in Gensokyo, where she lived her life as usual. Aside from one minor incident where she had to teach a particularly uppity shrine maiden a lesson...


Bavaya is a generally nomadic and reclusive woman. Her main companions are Zakarij, her house, and Burian, her gate. She cares for them as if they were her own family, and they feel the same way about her. Despite the many myths about her evil ways, she's actually quite nice most of the time. She doesn't particularly like uninvited visitors, but nonetheless, she treats those who run into her home with hospitality and respect, allowing them shelter, food, and drink if they need them. She also regularly stops by the human village to sell charms in exchange for goods. She's very old-fashioned, and this fact combined with her solitary life makes her very unfamiliar with more modern concepts. Despite this, she is very wise and quite intuitive.

Spell Cards[edit]

Sickness "Likhoradka's Kiss"

Broken Heart "Koschei the Deathless"

Drowned Maidens "Dance of the Rusalki"

Mokosh's Burning "Kostroma"

Firestorm "Kresnik"

"Velja Noc"

Ancient Tale "Legend of General Winter"

Evil Servant "Chort"

Black God "Chernobog"

White God "Belobog"

Summoned Creatures[edit]

Invisible Servants

The servants Bavaya summons for help around the house and other tasks. If you could see them, they would appear as very tall, slender, lanky humanoids. They seem to have no faces, and a pair of curving horns sits on their heads. They have curving claws on their hands and legs like some kind of carnivorous dinosaur. They serve Bavaya without question, but have little to no real abilities of their own. The most they can do is coat their bodies in danmaku energy and launch small danmaku spheres.


Burian is the name of Bavaya's gate and fence that surround Zakarij when the hut is "nesting". The fence (which could be called Burian's body) is a tall, patched-together wooden fence with a skull sitting on each pole. The gate itself (which is like Burian's mouth) is a simple wooden fence that creaks loudly when it opens. Burian can also talk, and his voice is a raspy drawl, similar to the creaking of the gate. Bavaya can summon Burian at will whenever she likes, which is usually to provide a nest for Zakarij when the house is resting.


Zakarij is the name of Bavaya's hut. It looks like a large, typical Russian hut, taller than it is wide, with a tall, peaked roof. On the front wall of the house, near the tip of the peak, is a stained glass window with an eye design. This design moves around like a real eye, and a curtain on the outside slides over the window like an eyelid. The oddest feature of the hut, of course, are the 10-foot-tall gnarled chicken legs that grow from the bottom of the house. Zakarij is quite skittish, like a chicken would be, and Bavaya has to make sure to tie everything down inside before they travel.


Animated, burning scarecrows that serve the weaving goddess, Mokosh. Bavaya has an agreement with Mokosh where she is allowed to use the Kostroma if she needs them. The scarecrows are quite agile and can breathe fire, but otherwise aren't particularly special. They can sit completely still and put out their flames if they want to disguise themselves, and are effective guards.


Rusalki are ghostly nymphs that are the spirits of drowned maidens. They dance playfully through blizzards, luring humans to their deaths. Conveniently, they seem to cause thick blizzards whenever several of them gather in one area, but other than this ability they aren't particularly strong.


A mythical king turned god of fire, the summer solstice, and storms. Bavaya would be unable to control Kresnik if he manifested in his true form, so instead she summons a towering idol that channels him and his powers. In this form, Kresnik is about 15 feet tall and holds a pair of flaming wheels in his hands. His hands can rotate like drills, or he can toss the wheels and have them boomerang back to him. He can also breathe fire, and he is animated by the blue flame in his chest. If it goes out, Kresnik's power leaves the idol and it collapses.


The son of the god of evil, Chernobog. Chort is a sneaky, subtle manipulator, taking great joy in causing strife and discord among living beings. He greatly fears his father's wrath, however. He can phase through physical objects, and his staff gives him basic magical power, like the ability to launch magical bolts or create a shield.


The ancient god of evil. Chernobog is a hulking, hairy, black-skinned demon with gray pipes that spew smoke emerging from various points in his body. He can be seen in Bavaya's profile picture. Unlike his son, Chernobog is a wrathful and short-tempered being, and he has a strong contempt for most life. However, he is on friendly terms with Bavaya, and will gladly assist the witch in her times of need.


The ancient god of good, directly opposing Chernobog. Belobog is a huge humanoid figure, clothed in a flowing white robe with an odd, circular helmet on his skull-like head. He wields a large, white broadsword. Belobog protects life and good-natured people, putting him in strong conflict with Chernobog. Despite this, he also is on good terms with Bavaya and openly assists her.







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