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Ashe Gray
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Creation of Smoke


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Child Sized


With the recent eruption of the Volcano in the Bamboo Woods being a major shift of nature would inevitably spawn the embodyments of natures, which of course are Fairies. One of these many fairies created from the volcano was Ashe. A very young fairy who is peeking out of the volcano for the first time with her sisters playing various fairy games such as tag and hide and seek (a game she is really good at). Once they started to exploring around they encountered the local fairies and began to learn from them about the local area although one story was spoken in hushed tones... of some sort of terrifying monster who walked the forests.


Naive and curious about everything, nervous if not afraid of cold areas and water. Now that she's outside her home EVERYTHING is incredibly new and interesting to her to the point of being fearless because she simply doesn't know any better. Of course this will change once she realizes what things are dangerous.


Ashe is rather average sized fairy, standing about four feet tall. Ashe's dress has a singed bottom before it starts to move up to a flame pattern shifts to black shoulders and short, open sleeves, along its side, it is adorned with a trio of yellow bows. Atop her head is long gray hair, which would go down to about mid-back nestled between her four slender, dragonfly-like wings. Like most fairies, she has a quite childish in appearance and with her hair being back her black eyes are rather noticeable. She is barefoot like most fairies are although she isn't one for walking much because like most fairies she tends to fly from place to place.


Fairy Friends[edit]

Sunny Milk - She's really smart and knows some fun games and teaches Ashe about the outside world.

Luna Child - Seems to be a bit sad but also a bit smart and having fun games, but she and Sunny live in a strange place that Ashe will be visiting soon.

Manah Shadowsong - A Fairy maid at some strange house that Ashe forgot the exact name of but might be a place to visit.

Misty Niji - Sad Fairy who makes rain. She just needs a LOT of Hugs!


Remilia Scarlet - A Vampire Lady. She's kinda really fancy and lives in a BIG House that is full of Magic and has a LOT of Maid Cousins and has BIG MAID being the Big Sis of them.

Bavaya Yaga - Friend to fairies and bringer of CANDY. It's rather difficult to not like a person that gives candy to fairies. Also has a walking house. How cool is that!

Yuuka Kazami - She's the Big Sis of the fairies in the Garden of the Sun but is NOT a fairy. This is kinda neat but she's a nice lady who really is a friend of the fairies. Also she said I could come over and play there whenever I want!!

Hino Kaji - He lives in the Volcano under the Hot stuff! Lives under the ground in a place called Old Hell. Ashe took an adventure there to play with him and met a lot of people on the way. Needless to say she's a good friend with him.

Utsuho Reiuji - Hino's Big Sister! She's very feathery and big. She had three eyes! Ashe isn't really sure what to make of third eye but she really never thought about it.

Kurai Sareiki - A Magician person who she met near the Geyser. He can make magic to get CANDY to appear. Needless to say Ashe likes him

Alice Margatroid - More specifically Shanghai Doll, Ashe views the doll as being a Little Cousin and had a bit of a misadventure at the Summer Festival where they made sure that everyone had a chance to get Candy! Which lead to the Fairy Fireworks having a bit of a mishap. Even though Shanghai doesn't talk Ashe understands what she's saying.

Yoshika Miyako - Met at the costume party at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Ashe figured that she was interesting and fun to be with considering that the jiang-shi hopped around like a Flopsie and was really hungry. Of course with Yoshika's state Ashe was able to understand a lot of the ways that Yoshika thinks.

Yuugi Hoshiguma - Ashe's adventures in the Hell of Blazing Fires lead to her eventually reaching the Ancient City where she met Yuugi. While Ashe doesn't fully understand some of the things that were going on in the city the fairy was friendly with the Oni. Received a bottle as a memento of her trip which she keeps in a secret hiding spot.

Parsee Mizuhashi - On the way to meet Hino, Ashe met a number of other youkai, one being Parsee. While Ashe wasn't really sure why Parsee was living alone she got a bunch of answers for some questions and got directions to find the Palace of Earth Spirits.

Reisen Inaba - The Big Flopsie! Ashe sometimes got candy from her and encounters at times, always fun for her. Needless to say Ashe at times does follow her.

Mamizou Futatsuiwa - The Fluffy Tail. Ashe met her at the Myouren Temple and was immediately infatuated by her tail and later her transformation abilities which lead to Ashe being amazed. Later met at the Hakurei Shrine where they shared a left over bottle of sake left behind by Mima.





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