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Alice Margatroid
Seven-Colored Puppeteer









Reclusive Dollmaker, and 2nd-most prolific packrat in the Forest of Magic.


Magic, Puppetry


Perfect Cherry Blossom


Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played With People's Shapes(Character),
UNL - The Scenary of Living Dolls(Alice's House),
Crowsclaw - Puppet of the Magus Pt2: Doll In Your Hand(Makai Alice)


4 (Elite Boss)


Alice is a human, who through intense magical immersion, study, and her exceptional personal dexterity, transcended into a Youkai with all the perks and oddities that entails. She generally keeps the details of her past to herself, for a variety of reasons. One of which is a brief period of mental instability after she became a youkai, in which she convinced herself she was a monster and found her way to take up residence in the Makai. Worse, she was accepted perfectly fine like she fit right in, to the point of mistaking the ruler - Shinki, who bore a strong resemblance to her mother - for her real mother, and Shinki picking the thread right up and treating Alice as her own daughter.

Getting thoroughly and utterly stomped twice by the heroines during the Mystic Square period shook loose her thinking and brought her back down to earth, after which she renounced her ties to the Makai, and even Shinki, and departed into Gensokyo some time later. Needless to say, this is one of many things she's loath to discuss, even with people who know about it already.

She's a relatively young Youkai still though, so even with her various eccentricities and reclusive nature, still lives a day to day life much like a human, and enjoys walking rather than flying, unless she needs or is in a hurry. She occasionally performs at the village with her dolls and other puppets - often for a small fee or donations, or as part of festivals - and is an uncommon, though recognized presence as such.

Similarly, though her dwelling in the Forest of Magic is not the oldest, she's made herself quite at home, and is acknowledged by most of the youkai and other various creatures living within, though others such as the various fairy-folk are still discovering her all the time. Whether intentionally or just out of apathetic good-will, her house sometimes serves as a traveler's nightlodge to humans who are lost or passing through, and have the courage to stay. Though her habit of utterly ignoring those she invites inside in favor of her work after they've been refreshed and seen to their room, and the mass number of animate and inanimate dolls alike, tends to give many a bad case of the heebies.


Alice is a mixed bag of many contrary/contrasting, typically "tsundere" traits. She can be friendly yet standoffish, expressive yet repressed, and passive yet aggressive(or outright passive-aggressive.) To most humans and other "non-threatening" entities, she leans towards a modest, mature friendliness. But to youkai and other beings she considers dangerous, this often changes to a modest arrogance and coolness, to put up a strong front and isolate herself.

Emotionally, she tends to act(or try to) with a high degree of maturity and a bit of aloofness, but when alone or her emotional barriers are down, she can become surprisingly childlike and emotive.

Alice's "Seven Colored Puppeteer" moniker comes from her belief that the seven colors of the rainbow express correspondingly escalating levels of power. The fact that Flandre wears all seven and is reported to be so ridiculously strong confirms it for her, and despite hardly knowing the gate guard either, the magician suspects Hong Meiling - who wields the rainbow colors freely - to hold one of the greatest potential powers in all of Gensokyo! ...though that may just be Alice being weird again.


Though young, so not as skilled or rote-knowledgeable yet as many natural magicians and old hands at the trade, Alice possesses a surprising amount of aptitude and power. It was developed in great part from entering the Makai - where magic is super-concentrated to a Toxic degree - so early in her youkai-hood. Her Wonderland - a part of Makai she molded with her own will and Shinki's grace - still stands testament to this, somewhere within that sealed domain.

In her maturity though, she's come to appreciate the path of the Magician - artistry, technique, knowledge, and strategy - far more than the "blast 'em till they quit moving, then blast some more to be sure!" gauche displays of raw firepower.

Originally as a hobby, she took up Dollcrafting and Puppeteering, and it's since become her main discipline - all of her life's work and study tends to revolve around it somehow. Her supernaturally high Dexterity and eye for coordination allows her to manipulate them with ease through pure magic rather than crude strings - often without any overt indication of control at all - and even wield dolls through other dolls when massing large numbers.


Alice follows something of a two-tiered system when it comes to dueling:

  1. Ordinary circumstances are handled almost exclusively with Dollplay. Alice has countless dolls at her disposal, which she loads up with weapons and gunpowder, and while controlled with her magic puppetry, work as extensions of her magical power. Any doll under her control is a variable weapons platform, and her spellcards typically employ many at a time. Since Alice herself has low physical ability otherwise like many magicians, this makes her especially weak in close-range fighting, so the dolls are also typically used to control space and serve as shields and parries against attacks when necessary.
  2. When Dollplay doesn't cut it, she may bring in the mysterious Grimoire of Alice. She prefers to use a modicum of her own firepower while focusing most of her efforts on her doll output, but if she's at the point where she can no longer hold back while using the dolls(And is determined enough to press the matter - both seldom occur together in the same battle,) she will shift to this mode. When using her Grimoire, she rarely uses more than a handful of "live" dolls - instead mixing it up with phantasmal constructs(often dolls again, but sometimes take other shapes....) and a substantial increase in firepower. While the Grimoire does hold a great amount of extremely freaky magic inside it, most of it is not very useful for her style of dueling. She usually pulls out one or two token Grimoire-powered cards, and uses it as a crutch if she still loses despite it, so she can always tell herself it's the Grimoire's fault she lost, and never have to resort to her full power(and potentially crush her self-esteem.) Grimoire spellcards are almost always of the "avoid it until it's done" variety.



  • Marisa Kirisame ~ Marisa drives her completely insane. They argue, they quibble and fight over the more rare of the Forest's resources, she gets Alice into trouble, and more than a few of her more interesting belongings have ended up at the witch's house without her consent. Despite it, Marisa's weird, outgoing and impulsive nature attracts her like a magnet, and it's nearly impossible for Alice to dislike her or stay angry for that long, no matter what she does. On top of it, that same personality Alice truly feels(along with Reimu's straightforward reproach by the fist,) showed her the way out of the darkness she was falling into, in her life in the Makai. Whatever she may say or feel day to day, Marisa is one of few things in the world that Alice might give her life to protect.
  • Medicine Melancholy ~ Unaware of the doll-youkai's more "hostile" feelings towards her, Alice has given her a place in her home to call her own when she wishes to use it, asking very little in return so far other than a bit of light work, and a few unusual requests. Superficially, it's a using relationship, as Alice hopes to advance her own studies towards a living doll by observing Medicine. But the magician can't resist a personable doll, and very much hopes to be good friends with her.
  • Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire ~ While the trio does cause some trouble for Alice, getting humans lost in the woods, she also finds them very non-threatening and cute to have around, like neighborhood children. Alice is willing to let them get what they have coming, but likes them enough to extend a friendly hand when asked for.
  • Lily White ~ A very recent meet, Alice found her charmingly amusing from the start. Though it's starting to make the magician worry about her growing collection of fairy acquaintanceships.
  • Hajime Mitsuru ~ After a rather rocky first meeting, which resulted in Hajime fleeing Alice's wrath for messing with her dolls, the two have reconciled and had a chance to chat, more calmly and casually. Alice has resultingly come to respect her both as a fellow Magician and Forest Neighbor. And is looking forward to seeing what kind of home she may finally decide to settle into.
  • Nitori Kawashiro ~ Alice is on fairly good terms with the Kappa, although their differing interests means they don't meet up much. She has great sympathy for Nitori's trials with the Oni, and her Shanghai doll in particular tends to express Alice's friendly feelings the most.


  • Eirin Yagokoro ~ Alice deals with her for her Butterfly Dream Pills, and the occasional other thing. As a Lunarian, Alice doesn't think much about her, but as a Doctor and Pharmacist, she's yet to let the magician down. Eirin's pharmaceutical assistance has raised her quality of life considerably.
  • Reisen Inaba ~ Alice respects Reisen, being a loyal and dedicated hard worker, and staying well-mannered and reasonably polite, which can't be easy under Eirin and Kaguya, and surrounded by Tewi and her minions.
  • Patchouli Knowledge ~ There aren't many magicians in Gensokyo that Alice considers worth high regard, but Patchouli is one of them. While they're not too close, Alice thinks highly of her, and will usually defend her to people who only see her in her weakened moments and misjudge her ability.


  • Cirno ~ Alice can't help but admire the fairy's determination to rise above her station, and show Gensokyo what's what. It's just Cirno's smug arrogance and cocky manner grate on the magician quite a bit too. When she's acting more childish and... fairy-ish, Alice could almost like her.
  • Reimu Hakurei ~ Alice shares little in common with Reimu other than mutual acquaintances and the occasional overlapping interest. While she doesn't really dislike the miko, Reimu's raw power, skill, and anything-goes ruthlessness when on the job, is something Alice has experienced both under Spellcard rules, and as one of the lucky ones to contest her in serious, no-rules battle, and she makes the magician nervous. She doesn't fear her unless she has cause, but to her mind, Reimu is almost more Youkai than many real Youkai she knows.
  • Sanae Kochiya ~ Although Alice has been exposed to the 2P Miko under unusual circumstances, she's not sure what to make out of her. Personally, she "feels" friendlier than Reimu, and Alice can understand many of her feelings, but Sanae's rivalry with Reimu sinks to levels of pettiness that make even Alice think twice, and wonder about what else is under the surface there.
  • Satori Komeiji ~ Alice hasn't gotten to know the satori that well yet, but despite ingrained prejudices against her kind, actually meeting her went over much better than she expected, and they even had a thing or two in common. She's keeping a more open mind for the future.
  • Shinki ~ Alice has had an awkward reunion with the goddess of Makai, and - to some small degree - reconciled. Although the Dollmaster is still mistrustful and afraid of her, a bit of her coldness towards her mother-figure has been thawed off, but that just makes Alice more unpredictable about her feelings on the matter.


  • Tewi Inaba ~ Alice is easily annoyed by the Earth rabbits and their - what seems to her - reckless inanity and lack of class. As the Leader and Scammaster General(and because Alice's fallen victim to her more than once) Tewi irritates her more than most other lagomorphs.



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