Akane Chiyoko

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Akane Chiyoko
Trash Compacter of the Deceased






Beast (Hell Beast)



Head Maid of the Palace of the Earth Spirits


Attracts suicidal people. Like a magnet. (not literally)


Original Character



A turtle that was adopted by Satori, not much more to say than that. As she was born of the surface, she was obviously added to Satori's harempet collection much, much later than Rin and Utsuho. She became a youkai after several days of Satori and Utsuho distressing over Rin's disappearance, wanting to be able to help out and comfort them. The second mouth stems from this, though this adaption definitely has a different idea of removing misery than she does.


To put it in three words? Quiet and reserved. She's not one to dump her own opinions or problems on others. That's only to say she's not talkative, though; it's not like she'll shy away from people. She is, however, quite easily spooked, as any creature with some sort of defensive shell would be. A note of oddity is the fact that her pronoun usage is pretty low compared to other people; mostly because she finds them disrespectful, which causes her to only use them for someone she dislikes, or worse.

Second Mouth: As her description...describes, Akane has a second mouth on her shell that normally just looks like an odd spine lining. It is literally a second mouth, but it's somewhat special; those who intentionally open it and enter it will be automatically (as in, not unavoidably but Akane can't control it) eaten and killed (provided they can be killed in the first place; fairys, immortals, etc. will just respawn just fine, though youkai will die). If something enters accidentally or by someone else's hand, they'll just be eaten, however. Not that it makes a difference for humans...







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