Yumemi Okazaki

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Yumemi Okazaki
Fantasy Legend










Former Professor of Comparative Physics, Researcher


Artificial Magic (Technology enhanced by Gensokyo's magical fields), Genius Intellect


Phantasmagora of Dimensional Dream (PC-98)


Strawberry Crisis


3 (Boss)



This was an embarrassment, both to the Academy and myself. Defeated by that uppity shrine maiden and deprived of our only robot-maid, Chiyuri and I fled into the depths of space and time. We were SUPPOSED to bring back our findings to the Academy, or what little data we had, anyway, but we were running out of fuel...besides, on my return trip, those idiots laughed at my theories even MORE than before! Then they claimed 'Not enough proof, this warrants further research, Prof. Okazaki. Continuing to submit this as empirical evidence will result in you being barred from this institution.' Those idiots, not believing magic is real...of /course/ it is! If everything else runs with the Grand Unified Theory of Science, hypothetically, magic fits...won't it? The people of the magical world 'Gensokyo' thought our ship was some sort of ancient ruin, too. I mean, it's not the best-looking ship on the market, but it works quite well, but it's a fixer-upper at best. Then Chiyuri (with the help of my incredible genius!) had an idea! Why not lure some of the strongest folk from far and wide to our ship and capture them! Then we'd have evidence, for sure! Long story short, we were defeated by the same people we wanted to capture, along with a few friends of theirs...but when we made it back to Gensokyo with what little fuel we had, we ran into...a little snag. We seemed to have had a break in the coolant array on the spacetime dilation matrix and the hyperspace engines. In layman's terms...we're stuck. Even worse, Gensokyo doesn't seem to be exactly as we left it either, but for Chiyuri and I, it was only a week or so. Damned probability drive stranded us about a decade into the future, maybe more! Who knows now, because the time system /also/ went offline. Now, I have no clue how to get out of this mess, but I'll think of something!


A woman of science and a professor of Comparative Physics at the tender age of 18, Yumemi is quite proud of her discoveries. In earlier times, she thought to whisk away the prime magical beings in the land away for her studies, but she still retains that superior air, as if she knows better than anyone else. Of course, since Gensokyo is a land of Magic and not Science, she often loses respect there too, but she strives to maintain her reputation, despite being fired from her position at the Grand Academy. She is really quite nice underneath that and will gladly use her knowledge to benefit Gensokyo, but still seems to get rather excited upon seeing new magical abilities or phenomena appear, and will eagerly head out to study them with an almost insane glee.







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