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1: Treat others as you would have yourself treated. This is considered to be something of a universal rule. No one wants to be treated badly so don't treat others badly. this is more of an OOC thing than IC because if you have a character that's a bad guy or otherwise a smarmy jerk then of course he/she will be treating others badly, but just keep it in character.

2: Be polite to the Staff and Wizzes. They have a tough job running things to make sure that every player has an enjoyable experience on this game. While usually they try hard to promptly help out with questions and requests, please understand that they might not always be able to get to you right away.

3: Try not to just blow through public places all the time. Movement spam can be annoying. But also, you might miss out on some RP you could get involved in. This isn't a rule that you must pose moving through every room, but rather a request to be aware of what you're passing by OOCly, in case it's something you might ICly take part in.

4: Don't go into other player's homes unless invited. This is kind of a self explanatory rule. It's simply rude to barge into someone's home. sometimes homes are locked but its best not to try. If someone is in their home and you really want to rp with them, ask through a page.

5: Don't attack someone without permission. This is a consensual MUCK. This doesn't mean that you have to ask before using each attack if you're in a battle, just that you can't use an attack on someone without making sure they're okay with battling you first.

6: Do not use OOC information ICly. As players we come across information concerning our characters that the characters most likely wouldn't have any knowledge of. If you must use the OOC information ICly, then ask those involved if it would be alright to do so.

7: Do not pose for someone else. Again this is a consensual MUCK, you can't just pose picking someone up and carrying them off. Unless of coarse you have permission from that character's player. This also includes 'godmodding'. You may be a youkai or a beast or something immortal but do not under any circumstance pose having something hit the other unless both of you work out if it hits or not. Working it out in pages beforehand is an excellent tactic.

8: Give warning before disconnecting. This isn't really a mandatory rule. Understandably things happen, power goes out, computer misbehaves, suddenly realize that you're going to be late for work or something else important. That's fine. It's just generally polite to give a warning to those you're rping with so they don't get worried or upset.

9: Try not to allow something OOC get in the way of RP. In a sense this is similar to rule 6, but try not to allow any opinions of some character get in the way of your character's interaction with that character. Just because a person doesn't like a character based on what he/she has heard might not hold true for that person's character, at least until the character finds out about it ICly.

10: Do not go Staff fishing. IF you have an issue with what one staffer has said to you concerning a ruling or otherwise, take it up with the staffer who gave the ruling. If you feel that the staffer is making light of the issue after you have brought it up peacefully and civilly, then speak to the Headwiz or Co-Head about it.

11: Have fun.


Instead of a solid chargen or application process, TouhouMUCK runs on a validation system for character review. It's a simple process and it's done completely here on the MUCK itself.

First of all, using Editplayer, set your character's attributes and description. Also be sure to set up your +account.
Please ensure you've activated ansi colors with this command: color on
* If you don't do this, some exits won't display for you, and navigating the grid will be needlessly difficult.

Then, using the +Info program (+info/help), provide a summary of personality, background, and any other information you feel like sharing. Treat it as a brief summary of your character's entire concept. Be as detailed as you like, there is no such thing as 'too much'. The listed 'Standard Fields' aren't strictly necessary. Check some of the approved characters to get an idea of what we're looking for.
* Required fields: Ability, Personality, and Background.
* A reference picture is recommended. Since art of each character varies so wildly, it'll help cement the look you're going for.
* Feel free to add in any other fields you feel like sharing. Examples include a well known quote, brief description of their spell cards, occupation, theme songs...

When this is completed, a staffer will review your information. There may be a brief interview to ensure you've got a good grasp on the character. Once done, you'll be approved and ready for play.

Regarding Tinysex[edit]

This MUCK was not founded with the intention of becoming a sexMUCK. As such, highly sexual RP is disallowed. Innuendo is alright, so long as it doesn't get out of hand. Some characters are known for mild sexual harassment, this is fine too. But actual sexual activities are not permitted.

This ruling is in place for two primary reasons:
* We have no interest in drawing ire from ZUN, who - as we all know - is fairly active within the Touhou fan community.
* Despite most of them being several hundred years old, a large number of Touhou characters still look like little girls. That's creepy.

There are places for that sort of thing. This isn't one of them.


The content of this MUCK is based on the world created by ZUN for use in the series
of games known collectively as Touhou Project. The wizards and staff of this MUCK take
no credit for the creation of the setting or characters native to Touhou Project. This
game has been created as a work of appreciation, and provides a place for fans of ZUN's
creation to further explore the world he has crafted.

"No one shall be able to drive us from the wonderland that ZUN created for us."