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Gensokyo, a world which exists quietly beside ours, separated by a mystical barrier. A utopia where humans and other beings such as fairies, youkai, and gods live peacefully together.

But what is Gensokyo?

About one thousand years ago, humanity had begun to lose faith in the existence of the supernatural gods and youkai in the world. Greatly pained by this loss of belief, the youkai banded together and sealed a part of the world away behind the magical Hakurei Barrier, maintained by the shrine maidens of the Hakurei Shrine. This land was named Gensokyo.

Youkai, fairies, devils, and all other manner of supernatural beings from around the world began funneling into Gensokyo to escape the fate of being forgotten by the outside - Akin to death for such creatures. Within Gensokyo, the humans dealt with supernatural creatures on a daily basis, and there is no risk of being forgotten.

Up until recently, though, humans lived in fear of youkai. Youkai would still hunt and eat humans, in an effort to keep their ability to fight sharp. The recent addition of the Spell Card rules has put an end to this, though. Youkai and humans are seen together a lot more often, these days.

A map of Gensokyo. Note that everything is not to scale.

Spell Cards[edit]

Up until recently, humans lived in fear of Youkai, and Youkai lived in fear of the Hakurei Shrine Maidens. This stemmed from a need for Youkai to remain at the top of their capability, and a need for humans to defend themselves. As the Hakurei Shrine was responsible for the barrier which gave Gensokyo its existence, the Youkai became disenfranchised, as any attempt they made to defend themselves risked their very existence.

With the help of powerful youkai who recognized this problem, the current Hakurei Shrine Maiden introduced Spell Cards to Gensokyo.

Under the Spell Card rules...
* Youkai can easily cause disasters.
* Humans can easily resolve disasters.
* There is no excessive loss of life.

This is necessary for Youkai to remain strong, and for humans to remain skilled. The biggest feature of the Spell Card rules is that duels of danmaku are not deadly. Under this set of rules, youkai can face and even defeat the Hakurei shrine maiden without putting all of Gensokyo at risk - Because she would not die.

Each spell is given a beautiful and meaningful name, and inscribed on a small piece of paper the size of a playing card - Aptly called a Spell Card. The use of Spell Cards has spread to all youkai, gods, fairies, and powerful humans in Gensokyo. Their ease of use, and the lack of permanent consequences have both contributed to their popularity.

Unless expressly stated otherwise in the character's information, all Player-run characters are assumed to have strong enough magic to use Spell Cards. This also means that all Player-run characters (unless stated otherwise) have the ability to fly.